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Dr. Sachin Chaudhari

Associate Professor,
Signal Processing and Communications Research Center (SPCRC) (link)
and Smart City Research Center (SCRC) (link),
International Institute of Information Technology (link),
Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500032, INDIA

Visiting Address: Vindhya A3-207
Phone: 040 6653 1363
Fax: 040 6653 1413
Affiliations: Senior Member, IEEE

Background: I received my B.E.(Electronics) from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India in 2002 and M.E.(Telecommunication) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India in 2004. At IISc, I worked with Prof. KVS Hari. During 2004-2007, I worked at Esqube Communications, Bangalore which was a start-up by IISc Professors, as a Senior Wireless Communications Engineer. At Esqube, I worked on development and implementation of wireless systems such as WLAN, WiMAX, and TDD-SCDMA. During 2007-2012, I did my PhD with Prof. Visa Koivunen at Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics, Aalto University (formerly Helsinki University of Technology (TKK)). Department of Signal Processing and Acoustics at Aalto is part of SMARAD (Smart and Novel Radios Research Unit) Center of Excellence in Research nominated by Academy of Finland. Between 2013-2014, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University. In December 2014, I joined IIITH as an Assistant Professor. I was promoted to Associate Professor in July 2021. I am a senior IEEE member and the representative of IIITH to the Telecommunication Standards Development Society of India (TSDSI). I am also actively involved in India's First Living Lab for Smart City Research at IIITH.

Research interests: Signal Processing for Wireless Communication
In particular, physical layer aspects of
Next-generation wireless communication systems (5G and Beyond, Satellite)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Cognitive Radios

Ongoing Research Projects:
Collaborator, India's First Living Lab for Smart City Research at IIIT-Hyderabad for 2020-2023 (MEITY and Smart City Mission) Link for Smart City Research Center
Collaborator, 5G Use Case Lab at IIIT-H, Ministry of Communications (2024-2027) 100 5G Use case Labs for Higher Educational institutions

Completed Research Projects:
PI, "IoT Enabled Smart Cities: Pollution, Health and Governance", IIIT-Hyderabad for 08/2019 - 10/2023, PRIF funding for social impact research and DST, India
Coordinator, Center of Excellence on IoT, IIIT-Hyderabad for 01/2019 - 02/2023 (India-EU collaboration on ICT standardization)
PI, Early Career Research Award, SERB, DST, India on 5G research for 6/2016-5/2019 (3 years)
Participant, Aalto-IITI Cooperation for the skill developments of IoT based implementation for 9/2016-8/2018 (CIMO mobility grant for 2 years)
Post-Doc Researcher, Enabling Methods for Dynamic Spectrum Access and Cognitive Radios (ENCOR 2) for 2013-2014 (funded by Tekes (Finnish funding agency))
PhD Researcher, EU FP7 project SEnsor Networks for Dynamic and cOgnitive Radio Access (SENDORA) for 2008-2010

Current PhD Students: M. Madhuri Latha, Bhima Shankar, Shailendra Singh Verma
Current MS Students: Jigyasu Khandelwal, Rhishikesh Bose, Nilesh Bawankar, Naganjani, NikhilSingh, Ritik Yelekar, Ankit Kriti, Om Kathalkar, Shreyas Gujar, Nagesh Walchatwar
Current DD Students: Tanmay Bhat, Mauleesh Gandhi, Akshit Gureja, Aakash Terala, Archit Goyal, Sannidhya Gupta, Krishna Singh, Marri Abhinav
Current Honor Students: Rishabh Agrawal, Vedant Nipane
PhD Student who submitted thesis for review: Ayush Dwivedi
MS/DD Students who recently submitted thesis for review: Viswanadh Kandala
MS by Research Thesis Guided at IIITH:
(16) S. Sara, Air Pollution Monitoring in Urban Areas Using Low Cost IoT Devices: ML based Calibration and Mobile Sensing, Feb. 2024
(15) A. Das, Scalable Remote Labs Using Miniature Setups and Partial Streams, Jan. 2024 link
(14) A. Lall, IoT-Based Smart Water Monitoring using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques, Jan. 2024. (Currently at Mathworks, Bengaluru, India) link
(13) N. Lamba, Performance Analysis of Selective DF Relaying for Satellite-IoT, Jan. 2024 (Joining Qualcomm, India soon) link
(12) A. Parmar, IoT Network for PM Monitoring: Development and Deployment, August 2023. (Currently at Race Energy, Hyderabad, India) link
(11) N. Nilesh, Learning Methods for IoT: Use Cases of Air Pollution Monitoring, July 2023. (Currently at Qualcomm, Bengaluru, India) link
(10) G. Ihita, Security for IoT Enabled Smart Cities, June 2023. (Currently at CloudSEK, Bengaluru, India.) link
(9) Souradeep Deb, Stationary vs Mobile IoT Nodes: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of PM, Air Pollution Data, November 2022. (Currently doing PhD at Virginia Tech, USA) link
(8) Ishan Patwardhan, IoT-based AQI monitoring: Evaluation of low-cost PM sensors and AQI Estimation using AQSense, June 2022. (Currently at Texas Instruments, Bengaluru, India) link
(7) C. Rajashekar Reddy, IoT-based Air Pollution Monitoring: Algorithms and Implementation, October 2021. (Currently pursuining PhD at NSU, Singapore) link
(6) Rakesh Gorrepati, Opportunistic use of Successive Interference Cancellation in Reverse-TDD HetNets, November 2020. (Currently at MediaTek, Finland) link
(5) Adarsh Pal Singh, Machine Learning for IoT Applications: Sensor Data Analytics and Data Reduction Techniques , June 2020. (Currently at Gojek) link
(4) Akhil Singh, Cooperative Spectrum Sensing using Heterogeneous Sensors and Copula Theory , April 2020. link
(3) Anish Shastri, Data Reduction For IoT Networks: Algorithms and Implementation, June 2019. (Currently doing PhD at Trento University) link
(2) Upender Keesara, Spectrum Sensing of FBMC Signals in 5G and Cognitive Radios, July 2018. (Currently at Qualcomm, Hyderabad) link
(1) Prakash Gohain, Dempster-Shafer Theory Based Cooperative Energy Detection Under Noise Uncertainties In Cognitive Radio Networks, December 2017. (Completed PhD from KTH, Sweden; Currently at Ericsson, Stockholm) link

MS Thesis Guided at Aalto:
Irene Rognoni, Geostatistics in Cognitive Radios, Aalto University, Finland, October 2014. (Co-instructed the MS student with Jan Oksanen, Guide: Prof. Visa Koivunen)
Joona Jantti, Spectrum Sensing and Waveform Classification Using Cepstral Analysis, Aalto University, Finland, June 2014. (instructed the MS student, Guide: Prof. Visa Koivunen)

MTech Thesis Guided at IIITH :
Mariam, Hybrid Beamforming for 5G and Cognitive Radios, August 2019. (MTech student of GNITS did thesis at IIIT-H)
Aditi Jhingran, Physical layer signal processing for 5G - FBMC, May 2016. (MTech student of VIT-Vellore did her Thesis at IIIT-H)
C. Ramanathan, Spatial Interpolation of Field Measurements for Cognitive Radio Networks, April 2016. (MTech student of Sastra University-Thanjavur did his Thesis at IIIT-H)

Past Honor Students: Vivek Jain (currently at X-com), Sai Praneeth (currently at Google), Tanmai Mukku (Currently MS@ASU), Sai Krishna Charan Dara (currently at NVidia), Siddharth De, Jayati Narang (currently at Apple), Ansh Khandelwal (Currently MS@CMU), Raj Singh Parihar, Harsha Narla (currently at Oracle),

ECE431 Signal Detection and Estimation (5 times: Spring 2015-2019).
ECE231 Signals and Systems (3 times: Monsoon 2015-2017).
ECE335 (EC5.203) Communication Theory (3 times: Spring 2017, Spring 2020, Spring 2021).
ECE438 Wireless Communication (2 times: Monsoon 2018, 2019).
EC5.204 Communications and Controls in IoT (4 times: Spring 2020, Monsoon 2020, Monsoon 2021, Spring 2023).
EC3.202 Embedded Systems Workshop (3 times: Monsoon 2019, Monsoon 2021, Monsoon 2022).
EC3.202 IoT Workshop (3 times: Monsoon 2021-2023).

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Automation (ETA) Scholarship 2010 (2 years starting Sept. 2010).
Nokia Foundation 2009.
Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation 2009.
SITRA (Finnish Innovation Fund) 2007.
Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation 1998-2002.

Last updated March 14, 2024.