Sanjay Rawat
Postdoc, Verimag
Centre Equation
2, avenue de Vignate
Ph: +(33) 04 56 52 03 73

Hi... I am working in Verimag and LIG labs on Vulcain (vulnerability analysis) and DIAMONDS projects.
My CV provides more details.

My Postdoc contract is coming to the end in May 2013. Therefore, I am looking for some position. If you find my profile intresting and have some opportunity that matches well with my profile, please drop me a mail. My CV is: academic positions, Industrial Positions. :)

My research interests include:

  • In the past, I have taught:

  • My very recent publications (on vulnerability analysis)

    My articles and citations as collected by Google Scholar For some reason, my DBLP entries are messed-up. As a result, it does not reflect the correct state of my publications => do not assess me on the basis of mere DBLP list.

    We have released the tool to find "buffer overflow prone" (BOP) functions as described in our SERE 2012 paper. The zipped file of the source code can be downloaded HERE . The same is also available via GITHUB: If you use the tool and find it interesting, please cite our SERE paper, as given above in the publication section.
    Some of the other important publications are available on my other home page
    My older home page contains some more information about my work and interest.
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