• Design and Implementation of Codes for Distributed Storage and Distributed Computing
    Early Career Research Award, Funded by SERB, 2016-2019
    (Grant Value: 36,00,000 INR, Project Status: Completed).

  • Properties and Constructions of Maximally Recoverable Codes
    Funded by SERB under MATRICS (Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support) scheme, 2018-2021
    (Grant Value: 6,00,000 INR, Project Status: Ongoing).

  • Development of Polar Encoder and Decoder for 5G NR
    WiSig Networks, 2018 (Consultancy Project, Project Status: Completed).

  • Winner of Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2019
    for the proposal on Codes for Distributed Computing and Sharding
    (Grant Value: 10,00,000 INR, Project Status: Completed).

  • Design and Analysis of Polar Codes and Learning-based Codes
    Core Research Grant, SERB, 2020-2023
    (Grant Value: 39,50,000 INR, Project Status: Ongoing).