Code of Honour

Not yet another bunch of advises, but a solid proof of why to be honest.

Created by Vikram Pudi /

It is as true as any axiom of math
that we need to be valuable to those we depend upon.

To be valuable we must be dependable in what we offer.

To be dependable in our work, we must be skilful and disciplined.

To be skilful, we must have knowledge and practice.

To have this, we must spend focused time to learn and practice.

To spend focused time, we must regulate or eliminate other activities.

If we use the efforts of others unfairly, we violate these truths, and so become disposable instead of valuable.

If we spoil the opportunity of others to learn, by our help, we make them disposable instead of valuable.

If we cheat, by projecting a superior evaluation of ourselves, we will be burdened with the perpetual task of maintaining that image

until it is discovered and disposed of.

Let us not do a wrong action even once.

In order to do a wrong action once, we convince ourselves that it is "okay".

And being so convinced, we program ourselves to repeat the wrong when the circumstances repeat.

In order to help, let us help to learn.

To work hard and make our future rewarding, let us resolve.

It is fun after all, to design, create and solve.


BY Vikram Pudi