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I get many random bulk emails for internships. If you are sending an email after seeing this page, please explicitly write [JOINING YOUR TEAM] in the subject of the email. Also say you are applying against positions [X] and [Y] (you may be applying for multiple positions). This will help to get your email noticed, and processed accordingly.


[ONE] PhD Students and Post-Docs

I am continously looking for motivated full time PhD students to work on problems related to Please write to me directly.

I am also looking for Post-Docs . If you have a strong publication record (in CSE/ECE/IT or Applied Math) and keen on the type of problems that I am working on, do write to me. Primary criteria will be your readiness to contribute to the ongoing activities as well as the readiness to work as a team.

[TWO] MS Students

IIIT Hyderabad admits MS students regularly, including dual degree students. MS students are also admitted through lateral entry and through standing committee. (You may also want to see PGSSP program, if you are already in Hyderabad.) I take one or two students from different streams on a regular interval (so that they also graduate at regular interval and provide continuity to the research). I have a bunch of problems and directions that are related to: In any case, Thesis has to meet the quality bar. Please see the thesis and publication records of the former students before you write to me. If you are in IIIT already, I strongly advise you to meet my existing students and know my preferances, style and expectations before you approach me.

Many research fellowss/interns who had spend long term with me had also joined me for masters and PhD in the past.

[THREE] Research Assistant in Engineering Team

I also have a small engineering team that contribute and complement the student strengths. If you are passionate of building research systems (with significant computer vision, machine learning components), and/or working on open source projects, do write to me. Your technical skills (like programming expertize, design skills) should be good to be considered for this.

[FOUR] Research Fellow/Long Term Internship working on a Socially Relevant Problem

I am looking for students/graduates who can work for a long term (say one year) on a technically challenging and socially relevant problem in the lab. It will be good, if you have a one page writeup on what problem attracts you and how my association helps you in this. I specially look for problems that are relevant in Indian setting. There is no guarantee that we can work on the exactly the same problem. I may have my own preferences. But this will demonstrate your inclination, vision and commitment.

[FIVE] Research Fellow/Long Term Internship

I also work with research fellows/long term interns (preferably one year or more; 6 months in rare cases) who can work on technical problems in the broad computer vision, machine learning, language processing related areas. Some of these projects could be sponsored. Some of these could be interdisciplinary. Some of these also could be jointly guided. Often problems/areas are of my choice, depnding on the need or my comfort.

Research Fellows (FOUR and FIVE) are expected to work on specific research problems for atlest a year and contribute to academic research and/or sponsored research. It is expected that you will move towards academic research (either within IIIT or elsewhere) from here. You may also become an enterpreneour or technology armed social activist. Your present academic record/resume and/or research experiences will be the criteria for selection. Limited financial support will be available.

[SIX] Long Term Interns

I also take long term interns (recent graduates) for 1 or 2 years to work on some specific projects. Motivation and Skills will have to be strong, even if your records/experiences are not attractive.

Such candidates are typically involved in specific projects and gain valuable experience on how to do research. Please see some of the possibilites below:

One of the objectives is to work on impactful research problems and enhance your technical knowledge/skills. You could work as an applied research intern/engineer for couple of years and move on to a high end technical job in the Industry. Your engineering (programming, systems) skills will have to be good to be considered for this. Limited financial support will be available.

Long term interns may also work on a specific problem and complete a solid project when they are at IIIT. It is unlikely that I can find any financial support for you. Please convince me how will you add value to my group (which is reasonably big group with several undergraduate and post graduate students).

[SEVEN] Part Time MS/PhD Students

IIIT allows part time PhD and MS. However, the expectations are the same as that of regular ones. Therefore, you may take more time. You also will have to be highly motivated to stay focussed.

My first advise to you is to take some courses (say 2 or 3) at IIIT under the PGSSP scheme. Get good grades and then let us talk.

[EIGHT] Open Seats

I host a limited number of open seats in the lab. You may use this for working from our lab, and continue to work on your own ideas or work with your external guides/collaborators. My involvement will be minimal (or even zero). Objective is to enable research with minimal commitments on our time/resources while catalyzing something that we encourage. If you want to explore, please send me a proposal on what you want to do and how our environment will help you. You could be a visiting student, a person working on a prototype/idea, or a PhD student on leave from (or waiting to join) elsewhere.

[NINE] Rare/Unlikely Openings

It is unlikely that I entertain these categories. Also it is unlikely that I reply in to the emails in these.

Summer/Winter/Short Duration Internships

It is very difficult to do a solid project in limited time. This is specially true, since I can not find large single blocks of my time to work with you when you are here with me. You may be ready to work hard; but I will find it hard to find the matching time. Therefore, most requests for these are not entertained. (I still land up taking some summer interns from time to time. But that is an exception rather than a norm. Don't count on that.) Unfortunately, I will not be able to reply email requests for short term internships. (Please also do not call me over phone.!!)

Part time/Remote Projects

Part time and remote projects are also not entertained. Doing a summer project and then continue remotely etc. are also not likely to be seen positive.


Q Do you accept students with only batchelors degree for PhD.

A Yes. We admit bright students directly. In any case, IIIT has a solid course work requirement for PhD.

Q Can I do a long term internship/project remotely?

A There is lot of peer learning when you are in the lab. That is also the strength of our group. I have found it difficult to make it work remotely. Sorry. (Your skills and my inputs are important for the success; but the environment and the culture matters much more than these. In fact, I spend lots of time/energy on building the right culture within the group.)

Q I work for a company very close to IIIT. I have lots of extra time. Can I come and work in your lab in the evenings and weekends?

A Sorry such attempts will not lead anywhere from my past experiences. (I have in fact tried it!!). I do not also know its legal implications.

Q I want work with you on a long term project. I want to start from Aug and commit for one year. Will you give me a recommendation in Dec.?

A This is a very popular request. Unless you complete a solid work by Dec., I find it hard to write anything special about you. It is unlikely that 3-4 months of work will take you there.

Q I want to work with you for PhD. How should I apply/email?

A Please be explicit with your plan. If you want to be a formal PhD student at IIIT-H, please be explicit. (I want to do research does not imply it is PhD. I want to apply for PhD next year does not mean you are applying at IIIT-H.). Also clearly specify the following (i) fulltime/parttime (ii) Start date that you are looking for (IIIT-H admits throughout the year.) (iii) What motivates you to apply at this moment, and to me? (iv) What is your eventual career goal?

Q I want to work with you for for a long term project. How should I apply/email?

A Please be explicit with what you want. If you want to be a formal student at IIIT-H, please be explicit. If you are looking for a temporary position (such as RA/Intern), be explicit with your start/end dates and your expectations on accommodation/financial support. All these matter in the decision. Also let me know what you plan to do after this association. I get many applications, and unfortunately can not reply all of them. Also note that we are a research group in a university. Though I support and appreciate your passion for learning and research, our financial and other resources are limited.